Galeria Chatarra @ Localismos / Perros Negros (Mexico DF)

Sunday, June 13th, 2004

Perros Negros presents
Localismos: 20 Artists Working In The Center Of Mexico City
A Global Collaboration For A Local Strategy

May 1st – June 30th, 2004
Opening: June 4th, 2004

Localismos, a project by Perros Negros, is a residential workshop in which a group of 20 artists, Mexicans and foreigners, will work for a month in the center of Mexico City. At the end of this month, the artists will produce a series of works, which have as only condition, to be made with materials and craftsmanship available in the historical center so that from its conception, production and exhibition there is a coherent dialogue with the context.

Localismos considers globalization not as an isolated phenomenon, but as a union of localities, in this case observed within Mexico City’s Center.

Localismos will compare these perceptions to a global reference. The center is a place that restrains itself from being part of globalization with its idiosyncrasy, its visual richness, its contrasts and its way of functioning.

Through this project, Perros Negros is trying to propose ways to represent social problems in Mexico through art related with processes, art that can be shared and lived. Localismos will be a project focused on the people, how they live, how they work, the existing commerce, the local entertainment and most importantly: how can contemporary artists introduce ourselves into this place, how can the art be accessible to its inhabitants, how can they be involved without feeling intimidated by a language they don’t know.

The intention of Localismos is to present the city with a different strategy of social rescue made up of the selected artists.

The importance of Localismos is in the significance it acquires as a record of a historical moment of the transition taking place in Mexico City. It will be a kind of document that will illustrate what it is after the decentralization and before external intervention.

Aleksandra Mir
Andrea Crews
Anton Vidolkle/Julieta Aranda
Asier Perez Gonzolez
Carolina Caycedo
Erick Beltran
Mara Verna
Miki Guadamur
Miguel Calderon
Nuevos Ricos
Philipe Hernandez
Santiago Reyes
Tatsuo Inagaki
Xavier Andrade
24/7 (Beatriz Lopez, Juan Sebastian Ramirez, Pablo Leon de la Barra)
Diego Berruecos
Ives maes
Sonido Lasser Drakkar

Izazaga #8, col. Centro
06080, Mexico D.F.
Tel: +52 55 21 60 57

Galeria Chatarra @ Localismos / Perros Negros
Galeria Chatarra @ Localismos / Perros Negros
24/7 — Galeria Chatarra (2004)
24/7 — Galeria Chatarra (2004)
24/7 — Galeria Chatarra (2004)

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