Guacamole Bar and DJ Table @ Playing With Stereotypes: Speedy Gonzales Is German / Art and Design Gallery / University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield)

Saturday, February 1st, 2003

Guacamole Bar and DJ Table

24/7 is an exhibition platform working with young Latin American artists living in London and abroad whose work questions the conventional clichés and representations of cultural production from Latin America. Its main projects are the Wall Gallery and the Traveling Gallery. 24/7-Wall Gallery uses the exterior wall of a house located at the corner of Club Row and Redchurch Street in London’s East End as an exhibition site. The 24/7-Travelling Gallery takes place in different venues, galleries and specific locations.

For the show “Speedy Gonzales is German. Playing with Stereotipes”, at the Art and Design Gallery at the University of Hertfordshire, 24/7 proposes to create an autonomous zone within the exhibition.

For the opening of the show, we propose to have two tables, one will be covered with a pink plastic tablecloth and become a guacamole bar (guacamole will be created on site), the other will be a DJ-ing table (old vinyl records with pop music in spanish from the 70’s to 90’s would be played). Pablo León de la Barra will be making the guacamole, while Juan Sebastián Ramírez will be playing the music and Beatriz López will present herself as B-Lo and sing en english free translations of Mexican Songs of the 80’s (specially songs from Yuri, a 80’s mexican Maddona).

A slide show with the different projects of 24/7 would also be presented as part of the event. After the opening, we propose that the DJ table can stay as part of the exhibition where the visitors can freely play the records of their choice. The slide show would also remain.

– transport London-Hertfordshire for Pablo, Sebastian, Beatriz
– two large tables
– some chairs
– a sound system with speakers, amp, microphone and vinyl records player.
– a slide projector
– copies of the slides to be presented
– many avocados, tomatoes, onion, coriander, salt, lemon, bags of doritos and some silver aluminium bowls for the guacamole

24/7 ― Guacamole Bar And DJ Table (2003)
24/7 ― Guacamole Bar And DJ Table (2003)
24/7 ― Guacamole Bar And DJ Table (2003)
24/7 ― Guacamole Bar And DJ Table (2003)
24/7 ― Guacamole Bar And DJ Table (2003)

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