Independent State / Estado Independiente @ Five Years (London)

Friday, September 6th, 2002

Press Release
24/7 at Five Years Gallery
Independent State / Estado Independiente

Private view: Friday 6th of September 2002, 6:00-9:00 PM
Open: 6, 7 and 8 of September 2002, 1:00-6:00 PM
Address: 40 Underwood Street, London N1 (Old Street tube station)

For the duration of three days, 24/7 creates a temporary autonomous zone within the space of Five Years Gallery liberated from the usual constraints of gallery exhibiting. The pieces exhibited will range from works under process to side projects that will be articulated around a series of casual events and daily life acts. Works that will be exhibited include: Alberto Arango (tattoo flower on wall), José Fernando Aramburo (video of low budget electro-glam band), Kenneth Bostock (list of Latin porn websites), Viviana Durán (puta latina sign and vomit with glitter), Mauricio Guillen (bulletin board for the free trade of business cards), Pablo León de la Barra (a mosquito net space to watch videos), Beatriz López (rocking chair locked to street pole), Jennifer Mojica (curatorial project-exhibition within exhibition: drawings made on Microsoft Paint software), Elena Pascolo (shanty town video-telefavela), Juan Sebastián Ramírez (Independent State banner), Pedro Reyes (love music poster).

During the three days events and situations will take place at different times by different guests: Friday 6, 7:00 PM, B-Lo (independent state inaugural discourse), Saturday 7, 3:00 PM, Pedro Reyes (cosmic energy manual workshop). Sunday 8, 2:00 PM, Lucas’ Birthday Party; Fernando Arias (cooking of glazed banana), Oswaldo Macia (tropical cocktails and flirty barman); 4:00 PM Casiotone (live band); Raul Piña (piña colada).
There will also be cha-cha-cha ring tones for mobile phones by José Arnaud, a famous artist’s dog, two fans, a stereo to play music, and a fridge with cold beers during the whole show.

24/7 is an exhibition platform working with young Latin American artists living in London and abroad whose work questions the conventional clichés and representations of cultural production from Latin America. Its main projects are the Wall Gallery and the Travelling Gallery. 24/7-Wall Gallery uses the exterior wall of a house located at the corner of Club Row and Redchurch Street in London’s East End as an exhibition site. The 24/7-Travelling Gallery takes place in different venues, galleries and specific locations.

Viviana Durán ― Untitled (2002)
B-Lo ― Rocking Chair Attached To Pole (2002)
flyer (left) / press release (centre) / Kenneth Bostock ― List Of Latin Porn Sites (2002) (right)
Viviana Durán ― Latina Puta (2002)
Viviana Durán ― Latina Puta (2002)
Jennifer Mojica ― Paint Show (2002)
Mauricio Guillen ― Business Cards (2002)
Pedro Reyes ― The Passion Of Lovers (2001)
José Fernando Aramburo ― Casiotone: La Pelicula (2002) (turned off)
Pablo León de La Barra ― Espacio Para Ver Videos (2002) (outside), Elena Pascolo ― Telefavela (2000) (inside)
music table
24/7 ― Famous Artist Dog Corner (2002)
24/7 ― Famous Artist Dog (2002) (left) / 24/7 ― Fridge With Beers (2002) (right)
Oswaldo Maciá ― Tropical Cocktails & Flirty Barman (2002)
Casiotone playing live
Juan Sebastián Ramírez ― You Are About To Enter Great Britain (2002)

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