24/7 Souvenir / Miscelanea Bar @ PR’ 04 / M&M Proyectos (San Juan)

Friday, May 28th, 2004

Press Release
24/7 Souvenir Miscelanea

Opening Reception: Friday 28 of May 2004, 9:00 pm
M&M Projects, Calle Fortaleza #302-6th floor, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901, tel: 787.722.1287

Set up in London in 2002 by Beatriz López (B-Lo), Sebastián Ramírez, and Pablo León de la Barra, 24/7 functions as an international, independent, mobile and mutant no-budget gallery without a permanent physical space. 24/7’s mission is to exhibit whatever, whenever, wherever and is specially committed to showing artists and propositions with less visibility within the London context, while operating outside of the predictable habits of the art world.

For the first edition of “24/7: a mid-career retrospective 2002-2003”, everything belonging to 24/7 was on display and for sale. Desperate of making some money, 24/7 challenged its fan base announcing its disintegration if funds weren’t raised. Tired of being eternal wannabe stars, having failed to turn art into a business and devastated by the appalling response of its fans, 24/7 cannot afford to make more art, turns its back to the art world and decides to start-up a business.

“..rebellion hasn’t paid off, so we decided to follow the more conservative trend of other bankrupt business (A.K.A. museums and public galleries) and start up our own bar and souvenir miscelanea”

Your favourite gallerists will entertain you and pour your drinks. And for those of you who cannot afford to buy original art works but need to bring some gifts back home, there will be a souvenir miscelanea where 24/7 paraphernalia and replicas will be on sale at affordable prices!

Needless to say all funds will go to 24/7’s coffers.
Bring money. Don’t wait for the sales, everything will be gone then!


Investors interested in 24/7, please check some of our new prospective businesses:
www.24-7strategies.com, www.24-7fundraising.com, www.expo24-7.com, www.247university.com, www.247innovations.com, www.24-7theband.com, www.24-7cool.com, www.247coaching.com, www.24-7-wrestling.com, www.24-7sports.com, www.247realmedia.com, www.24-7limousines.com, www.24-7spyz.com, www.247profits.com, www.247apartments.com, www.24-7vacations.com, www.247coupon.com, www.24-7sexshop.co.uk, www.24-7prayer.com, www.247-pharmacy.com, www.24-7ministries.net, www.247parking.com, www.24-7courierservices.co.uk, www.247appliances.co.uk, www.247spares.co.uk, www.247pcrepairs.co.uk, www.247polkaheaven.com and www.24fucking7.com among others.

this way
24/7 Souvenir / Miscelanea Bar @ PR' 04 / M&M Proyectos
24/7 Souvenir / Miscelanea Bar @ PR' 04 / M&M Proyectos
24/7 TV's videos: Programa Amiga, Carolina Caycedo's Flag Day / Sale Day, Independent Space / Espacio Independiente, Manuela Viera-Gallo's Trapitos Al Sol, Silverio's Yepa Yepa Yepa
plastic paraphernalia
Manuel Viera-Gallo's knickers / Rejected Projects publication / Stefan Brüggemann's poster
B-Lo's home made t-shirts
Carlos Amorales keychains / Silverio's rugs
press releases
the bar
the bar
the DJ booth

the DJs

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