Latin American Art For Begginerds @ Produciendo Realidad: Arte E Realta’ Latino-americana / Prometeo Arte Contemporanea (Lucca)

Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Press Release
Latin American Art For Begginerds
at Produciendo Realidad: Arte E Realta’ Latino-americana

Opening Reception: Saturday 25th of June 2004, 6:00 pm
Exhibition Open: June 26-September 12 2004
Prometeo Associazione Culturale per l’Arte Contemporanea
Chiesa di San Matteo e via Santa Giustina 21, piazza San Matteo 3. Lucca, Italia.
Telephone: +39 348 7394163    Fax: +39 0583 471464  Email:

“What is the relation of your work as an artist with the Social-Political-Economical-Cultural Context of Latin America, but more specifically with that of your immediate context?”

Following the internationally critically acclaimed “Programa Amiga”, 24/7 relaunches 24/7 TV. The obvious next step was the first 24/7 educational, intellectual and political TV show.

Shameless and remorseless 24/7 takes advantage of the political tensions suggested by the ‘Produciendo Realidad: Arte y Resistencia Latinoamericana’ exhibition context. The mix is explosive: one Italian curator, a delusory institution, a rather not clear understanding of Latin American art and thirty moaning artists stuck in a medieval town in Italy. There you go, sir. Here’s your Latin American Art for Begginerds.

Filmed in historical locations in Lucca and in 24/7’s own Zapatista style cheap TV studio. The TV set includes 24/7’s selected library of ‘Revolutionary Pamphlets for the Education of Artists, Curators and General Public in Art and Politics’.

For the Tv-programme 24/7 teams up with highly acclaimed international artists Teresa Margolles (Mexico) and Javier Tellez (Venezuela-New York) and deepens in a monolithic conversation on issues of identity, art and resistance.

A must see for those in the know and for those who want to know more about Latin American Art.

Not suitable for insommiacs. Available at all decent broadcasters.

Set up in London in 2002 by Beatriz López (B-Lo), Sebastián Ramírez, and Pablo León de la Barra, 24/7 used to be an international, independent, mobile and mutant no-budget gallery without a permanent physical space. 24/7’s mission used to be to exhibit whatever, whenever, wherever and was specially committed to showing artists and propositions with less visibility within the London context, while operating outside of the predictable habits of the art world.

During its past 4 shows “Alcanzar una estrella: a mid-career retrospective 2002-2003” in Amsterdam, “Souvenir Miscelanea-Bar” and “Beach Bar: La Piramide” in Puerto Rico and “Galeria Chatarra” in Mexico City, 24/7 exhausted its economic strategies trying to make some profits as artists/gallerists. The herculean effort was worthless! After its economical collapse 24/7 assumes its fate: relational aesthetics are for the elite of the nineties. 

Finally, 24/7 goes serious.

24/7's TV studio
24/7 —  Latin American Art For Begginerds (2004)
24/7 —  Latin American Art For Begginerds (2004)
24/7 —  Latin American Art For Begginerds (2004)
24/7 —  Latin American Art For Begginerds (2004)
24/7 —  Latin American Art For Begginerds (2004)

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